New Viewpoints of Representation Theory
and Noncommutative Harmonic analysis
(RIMS Workshop)

Program (in Japanese)

Abstracts (in Japanese)

Minoru Itoh (Kagoshima University)
Hiroyuki Ochiai (Nagoya University)

Date: September 16--19, 2008
Place: Room 420, RIMS


September 16 (Tue)

13:00--13:50 Kyo Nishiyama (Kyoto University)
Asymptotic cone of semisimple orbits and degenerate principal series
14:00--14:50 Takeshi Abe (RIMS)
Level-rank duality of conformal blocks of affine symplectic Lie algebra and symplectic strange duality
15:00--15:50 Katsuyuki Naoi (University of Tokyo)
Construction of extended affine Lie algebras from multiloop Lie algebras
16:00--16:50 Noriyuki Abe (University of Tokyo)
On the existence of homomorphisms between principal series of complex semisimple Lie groups

September 17 (Wed)

10:00--10:50 Sho Matsumoto (Nagoya University)
A limit theorem for the Jack deformation of Plancherel measures
11:10--12:00 Takayuki Okuda (University of Tokyo)
Relation between zeta polynomials and differential operators on some invariant rings
13:30--14:20 Katsuhiko Kikuchi (Kyoto University)
Invariant polynomials for multiplicity-free actions of rank four
14:40--15:30 Atsumu Sasaki (Waseda University)
A classification of visible linear spaces
15:50--16:40 Taro Yoshino (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Relation between a counterexample to Lipsmans conjecture and singular point of algebraic manifold

September 18 (Thu)

10:00--10:50 Tadashi Miyazaki (University of Tokyo)
Whittaker functions for generalized principal series representations for $SL(3,R)$
11:10--12:00 Yasuko Hasegawa (University of Tokyo)
Principal series Whittaker functions on the real symplectic group of rank 2
13:30--14:20 Kazuki Hiroe (University of Tokyo)
Generalized Whittaker functions of degenerate principal series representation of GL(4,R)
14:40--15:30 Nobukazu Shimeno (Okayama University of Science)
Heckman-Opdam hypergeometric functions and their specializations I
15:50--16:40 Toshio Oshima (University of Tokyo)
Heckman-Opdam hypergeometric functions and their specializations II

September 19 (Fri)

10:00--10:50 Atsushi Yamamori (Nagoya University)
Generalized Laplacians for generalized Poisson-Cauchy transforms on classical domains
11:10--12:00 Hideyuki Ishi (Nagoya University)
Continuous wavelet transforms and non-commutative Fourier analysis

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