Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics is a wisdom which has been developed to understand and determine the deep truth and disseminate it. In the present day, mathematics is being utilized widely in such fields as natural science, social science and engineering. Furthermore, the development of computers is opening a new door into the world of mathematics. In this department, many-faceted lively mathematics is dealt with, allowing students to foster mathematical thinking. We develop education and research in order to promote a knowledge and experience of mathematics and computer science. We believe in sharing the joy of learning, discovering and creating together with students.

Undergraduate courses

Students will choose one of two courses from the second semester of the 2nd year. They are “Mathematical Science Course” and “Computer Science Course.” The contents of both courses complement each other. In the 4th year, students are required to take special research courses in mathematics and computer science (seminars) and get personal guidance from faculty members of the research group (Faculty members belong to one of the following research groups; Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science).

Mathematical Science Course

Its aim is to teach mathematics with due considerations to its organic link with other sciences. This includes the pursuit of the basic structure of mathematics (algebra, geometry and analytical geometry), as well as the analyses and theory of mathematical and probability models of natural science and various application of social science.

Computer Science course

Its aim is to teach information and computer science and the mathematics that support them, including the mathematical basis of computer science and theoretical aspects of computers, as well as the use of computers to explicate problems of various sciences.

Research Groups

Pure Mathematics( Algebra and Geometry )

Mathematics is not only science but art, and pure mathematics is its core. Pure mathematics explores the boundary of mathematics and pure reason. It has been described as “that part of mathematical activity that is done without explicit or immediate consideration of direct application,” although what is “pure” in one era often becomes applied later.

Applied Mathematics( Analysis and Mathematical Statistics )

This field of study is an active center of both fundamental and applied research. The focus of the subject is the application of mathematics to problems in science and engineering, and thus there is significant interaction with other departments in the Faculties of Science and Engineering.

Computer Science( Computer Mathematics and Information Science )

The Computer Science program enjoys a close relationship with the Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Faculty members carry out joint research projects, supervise students, and teach courses for these departments.

Department Policy

The educational goal of our department is to train talented specialists and researchers to be leading experts in the fields of mathematical science and computer science.

Qualities desired in students

We seek students who are eager to study mathcatical sciences and computer sciences, and who can deal successfully with advanced topics in these fields.