Chemistry and Bioscience

Based on the perspectives of conventional chemistry and life science, education and research is conducted in an attempt to understand the structure and function of molecules and their aggregates that constitute materials and organisms existing in the natural surroundings.
We are surrounded by a variety of materials which change according to chemical principles. Life of multicellular organisms or inter-cellular information dissemination is based on the exquisite network of molecules. The route and mechanism of these materialistic changes is filled with mystery.
The typical topics in this department are performed on the creation of chemically or biologically functional substances, the finding and explication of unknown transformation on molecules and their aggregate, and the resolution of biological problems such as development, signal transmission, and cell interaction, covering the fields from microscopic to macroscopic.

Research Groups

Molecular Photonics and Colloid Science

Research on functions and properties of molecules and their aggregates

Organic and Biological Chemistry

Research on structure and activity of biologically active secondary metabolites, correlation of structure and function of proteases, and organic synthesis and reaction mechanisms with organometallic catalysis.


Studies on fundamental phenomena underlying the continuous life processes and interactions between the organisms and environment.