Department of Physics and Astronomy

Graduate School of Science and Engineering / Faculty of Science

Kagoshima University

Physics is the most fundamental academic field in natural science, and it supports the present and future of science and technology. The study varies from basic elements such as elementary particles and atoms to materials that are composed of such elements. It also covers a wide area of the whole universe. In this department, faculty members who have studied elementary particles, solids and space science are jointly conducting education and research incorporating the ability to view materials and space from fundamental and universal viewpoints to support science and technology in the future.

Department of Physics, Faculty of Science

The department of physics consists of approximately 200 bachelor students, 18 teaching professors, a few research fellows, and 1 secretary.

Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science and Engineering

The graduate school is composed of two-year Master and three-year Doctor of Philosophy Programs.

Department Structure

The Aim of Education

The aims of the department of physics for education

  1. Logical and reasonable consideration, creativity, and flexible appicability
  2. Ability for practical solution via experimental physics and observational astronomy
  3. Scholastic achievements and research speciality
  4. Development of students' variaty and personality
  5. Education for researchers, technicians, teachers, and administrators
  6. Global talents with a rational and wide field of view
  7. Applicability for information technology

Admisison Policy : We call for students :

  1. who are interested in natural sciences and are intending scientific and rational consideration
  2. who think for original ideas independent of paradigms
  3. who love physics and astronomy
  4. who are excellent in physics and mathematics
  5. who are intending experimental physics and observational astronomy
  6. who are eager to explore new physical phenomena and materials
  7. who are positive to develop new devices and equipments
  8. who are interested in computer simulations and software developments

Documents (pamphlets, media)

mainly in Japanese

Topics from Students

Staffs and Laboratories

Theoretical Physics

Research on the Chaos Motion, the phenomena of the complex systems, and the behavior of electrons in the condensed matters.

Solid State Physics

Experimental research on the properties of magnetic compounds, semiconductors, superconductors and dielectrics. Laser physics. Theoretical research on the electronic properties at solid surfaces.

Astronomy and Space Science

Researches on astronomy and space science. Observational studies of the galactic dynamics and structure, physical processes in star formation and evoltion, and high-energy phenomena in the vicinity of black holes, using optical/infrared and radio telescopes. Theoretical annd numerical approaches for cosmology and gravity. Birth and evolution of life on the Earth.

Faculty Curriculum


All bachelor students in the department of physics study general education and basic curricula in the college of general education and basic sciences in the faculty until the 1st semester of the 2nd grade. They select the Physics Course or the Astronomy and Space Science Course since the 1st and 2nd semester of the 3rd grade, respectively, to learn specialities. They belong to a research laboratory since the 4th grade to write a dissertation.

Curriculum in detail (FY2015, in Japanese)

Entrance examinations


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