Message from Dean

Syoji Yokura

The Faculty of Science of Kagoshima University consists of four departments, Mathematics and Computer Science; Physics; Chemistry and BioScience; and Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Our website contains information on research activities conducted by our faculty. The department of physics is one of the leading institutions in Japan for astronomical research and is supported by facilities such as a 20-meter radio telescope. Moreover, the Nansei-Toko Observatory for Earthquakes and Volcanoes focuses on research on earthquakes and volcanoes in southern Kyushu and the southwestern islands off Kyushu. Research on ecosystems in regions ranging from sub-tropical to tropical ones is another of our focus areas. We have a long history of collaborative research in the field with institutions in Indonesia, and we are also part of an international network for the protection of the diversity of bio-resources in the tropical regions of Asia. In addition, we are at the forefront of biological science research (for which we use next-generation DNA sequencers), computer-aided research with regard to mathematical science, and theoretical physics.

Scientific research is conducted internationally through a cross-border network, and so, the Faculty of Science is happy to welcome young researchers and students from all over the world to immerse themselves in Kagoshima University’s friendly and international atmosphere and make use of the excellent facilities.