History of the Faculty of Science, Kagoshima University

19011901 The Seventh Higher School, Zoshikan
1945Most of the buildings for Science at the Seventh Higher School were destroyed in air raids
1946Moved to Izumi-cho. Classes were resumed at Takaono School
1947Moved back to the site of Tsurumaru Castle
1949Faculties of “Letters and Science”, “Education”, “Agriculture” and “Fisheries” were founded. Faculty of Letters and Science consisted of Departments of Sociology, Literature and Science
1952Most buildings of Liberal Arts located at the site of the Tsurumaru Castle were destroyed due to a big fire.
1955-1958Moved to Korimoto campus
1964The Ministry of Education set a policy to reorganize the Faculty of Letters and Science due to the drastic increase of college students because of the baby boom.
1965Faculty of Science was established (Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Geology)
1976Department of Biology was established
1977Graduate School of Science was established
1986Temporary increase was made in the number of students to be admitted to the university to accept the second baby boom generation.
1997Due to the abolishment of the College of Liberal Arts, most of the faculty members of the natural sciences joined the Faculty of Science. Courses became larger and the number of professors increased.
1998Two graduate schools of science and engineering were integrated into the Graduate School of Science and Engineering.
2004Kagoshima University started afresh as the National University Corporation Kagoshima University.
  • Opening ceremony on the day at 1901,
    Commemorative photo