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Inquiry to Faculty of Science, Kagoshima University

  • Inquiry on Study and Entrance Exam;
    Send ordinary mail or FAX to following address;
    Student Office of Kagoshima University,
    1-21-24 Korimoto, Kagoshima 890-8580, Japan
    TEL : 099-285-7325 / FAX : 099-285-3109
  • Information for foreign students of Kagoshima University;
    A Handbook for Foreign Students
    ( Various information including Scholarships in Japan, How to get Application Form to enter this university, and Daily Life in Kagoshima city is available. )
  • E-mail Address;
    koho (AT) ( Inquiry on Research )
    www-adm (AT) ( Technical inquiry on this server )


  1. We do not answer private information of our students and staff (for example, home address, phone number) . If you want to know e-mail address of our teaching staff, please refer to a list of staff.
  2. Do not send e-mail for advertisement.