Earth and Environmental Science

Global environment consists of continuously active earth and life activity. The department of Earth and Environmental Sciences aims at understanding global environment from a universal viewpoint on the basis of conventional sciences, i.e., physics, chemistry, earth science, and biology, taking a science department attached south Nishijima arc earthquake observation-of-volcanic-activity place and close cooperation. Human activities in recent years cause a rapid environmental change of an earth scale, and are making the natural phenomenon and the ecosystem produce an accident. Although big concern has gathered for solution of such an environmental problem, easy problem solution may cause a new environmental problem. It is our fundamental stance to become an important foothold for just a fundamental understanding coping with many problems of earth environment.
We are living with many animals and plants on the surface of the earth which is always changed by geologic activities. The aim of Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences and the relating Nansei-Toko Observatory for Earthquakes and Volcanoes is to understand the environment on the earth from global viewpoint on the bases of chemistry, geology, and biology. The recent human activities have made violent changes in the environment, and disorders in the nature and ecosystems. Though people are very interested in to solve these environmental problems, easy solution often makes another new and more serious problem in the environment. We consider that to understand the basic mechanisms controlling the environments is the important step to solve the environmental problems on the earth.

Research Groups

Geological Science

Arc Volcanology and Seismology

Environmental Analysis

Biodiversity Science